Washing water treatment for a penetrant inspection

Our client located in Montreal, a world well-known company in the field of fasteners and aeronautical assembly components, wishes to proceed with the treatment of its industrial water. Two different effluents are involved in their production process: cutting oils used for cooling during the machining of parts and rinsing water from the penetrant testing bench. Both applications generate up to 900 L of wastewater per day.


The reduction of operating costs and the elimination of storage is possible due to the treatment station

Without an industrial water treatment plant, our client has to store its wastewater until an external waste treatment provider evacuates it for disposal. Such a storage of contaminants creates constraints and expenses for the storage while presenting a certain environmental risk. Our customer would like to treat its production wastewater so that it can be discharged into the sewer system in compliance, thereby reducing operating costs and eliminating on-site storage.

Samples taken and analyzed allow the specific formulation of a mono-reagent

Two separate samples were provided by our customer to be tested and analyzed by our NISKAE experts in the laboratory.

The first sample consisted of cutting oils taken directly from the tank of the processing machines. With a dosage of 3.0 g/L, our tailor-made coagulant-flocculant formulation resulted in a sludge percentage of a few percent, which is non-sticky and can be easily dewatered for filtration with filter bags. The filtration and gravity separation of the sludge ensures ease of implementation and operation for our customer. In addition, our specific reagent was able to lower the suspended solids content.

The second sample, the rinsing water of the penetrant test bench, is the result of a process of checking for micro-cracks by applying a penetrating product to the surface of the machined parts. The initial color of the filtrate is neon yellow, then once the effluent is in contact with the flocculant mono-product, it results in a clear, translucent and completely colorless filtrate.

NISKAE was able to develop a single flocculating reagent for two different production effluents. Ready to use and dosed in minimal quantities, the single coagulant reagent allows a consequent simplification of waste management operations for our customer.

Discharge of washing water now meets regulations

The formulation developed specifically to meet the needs of our customer allows the use of a single powder adapted and effective for the treatment of a mixture of two distinct effluents. This allows the reduction of the number and consumption of reagents for the treatment of industrial waters. Once treated, the discharge of the water will now comply with the regulations of the municipal network, and therefore, no need to store its water to be removed for disposal by an external provider.