Treatment of washing water from gluing machines

Our Customer, a specialist manufacturer of stationery products, and in paper envelopes, wishes to obtain a solution for the treatment of its washing water. The washing water represents a daily volume of nearly 1000L and has a high concentration of iron, which is higher than the values required for a conform discharge.


Gluing machine cleaning generates thousands of liters of wastewater per year

Our Customer has two gluing machines that require cleaning and rinsing with clear water several times a day. These operations generate about 1000 liters of wastewater daily, which must be stored and disposed of by an external service provider. After calculation, our Customer realizes that more than 60 000 euros per year are spent for the disposal of washing and cleaning water. By requesting NISKAE, analyses and laboratory tests were carried out in order to develop a coagulant-flocculant formulation specifically to the effluent.

Several tests were carried out by our experts to obtain a customized coagulant-flocculant

Wastewater samples were provided by our Customer from the washing glue tanks and gluers and were then analyzed and tested by our experts in laboratory to obtain the best coagulant-flocculant formulation. The formulation developed must allow the glue residues to dissociate from the clear water so they can be filtered and then eliminated. Once the water is treated with the specific NISKAE reagent powder, the effluent is suitable for discharge and meets the required concentrations of heavy metals. The iron concentration was reduced from 2.81 mg/L before treatment to 0.25 mg/L after treatment. Throughout the process, NISKAE ensures that the pH value is maintained to optimize the coagulation and flocculation reaction.

The NISKAE solution allows a control of the waste and effluent treatment process

NISKAE meets the requirements of the manufacturer by offering an efficient and economically profitable wastewater treatment solution. The use of a specifically developed coagulant allows the company to avoid the need for an external service provider. Logistics are simplified, environmental costs are reduced and a return on investment is possible in less than a year.

In addition to its water treatment products, NISKAE offers microstations for the treatment of polluted water that allows companies to automate their systems and make them more independent throughout the process.