NISKAE meets the needs of a SME for the treatment of rinsing water from its stripping process

An SME is specialized in air gumming and chemical stripping of metal surfaces covered with old paint such as old radiators or even doors and gates. Chemical stripping is performed by dipping in an acid bath and involves a high-pressure cleaning of the structure concerned.

The absence of a wastewater treatment unit leads to significant storage costs

The stripping process, which includes a high-pressure Karcher type unit, generates approximately 500L of wastewater daily, which is loaded with cleaning products, paint remover and particles.

As there is no wastewater treatment unit, our Customer was storing the wastewater to be evacuated by an external service provider.

The objective for our Client is to equip itself with a treatment station for a discharge of treated water towards the communal purification station in full conformity.

Wastewater samples are tested to obtain the best coagulant-flocculant formulation

Following flocculation tests and analysis, the NISKAE experts were able to develop a coagulant-flocculant complex perfectly adapted to our Customer’s needs. The addition of a decomplex agent at a minimal dosage of 0.5 ml/L is necessary for the pre-treatment of heavy metals. The use of a flocculant at a dosage of 1.0 g/L, allows to complete the wastewater treatment with a minimal reaction time of a few minutes.

Our water treatment reagents are specifically designed to reduce the concentration of heavy metals to less than 0.2 mg/L without significantly affecting the pH value. Our coagulant-flocculant was able to reduce the concentration of zinc from 71.51 mg/L to a lower concentration of 0.17 mg/L.

The treated water is clear, colorless, translucent and suitable for discharge and reuse. The sludge retained by the filter basket is non-sticky and can be easily dewatered.

NISKAE has installed a SW100 wastewater microstation

After analysis and tests, we propose a microstation type SW100, ensuring treatment batches of 100L. The proposed installation is semi-automatic and is equipped with all the safety devices required for a safe industrial operation.

The proposed microstation is composed as follows:
  • 1 pneumatic wastewater pump for the transfer of wastewater from the retention tank to the treatment reactor;
  • 1 water treatment reactor SW100 with a capacity of 100L allows to realize the physico-chemical phenomenon of wastewater in only a few minutes;
  • 1 filter basket for the collection and dehydration of sludge.

A beneficial investment for the SME

For this SME specialized in stripping and air gumming, the implementation of this wastewater treatment unit now allows the treatment of wastewater and minimizes waste and storage and disposal costs. The NISKAE stations guarantee a high level of efficiency and a reduced reaction time for easy treatment and filtration!

Water treatment reactor SW100
Water treatment reactor SW100
Pneumatic pump
Pneumatic pump
Sludge filter basket
Sludge filter basket