A manufacturer of lacquered aluminum foil wants to treat its washing water more efficiently

A large company specialising in the application of paint of aluminium coil coating, generates heavily contaminated cleaning water by surface treatments. The customer treats its wastewater using 4 chemicals, but only gets mixed results. The company wishes to limit the number of reagents and have significant results. 

In order to identify the pollutants, NISKAE carried out a detailed laboratory analysis on a wastewater sample. Specific data revealed a high presence of aluminum (314.5 mg/L), phosphorus (67.08 mg/l), and zinc (5.19 mg/l) in the cleaning water. While the standards were set at 1 mg/L, 30 mg/l, and 0.5 mg/l, the purification process required high-performance expertise and highly efficient products.

NISKAE has developed 2 efficient reagents in very small quantities. The quantity of products required for treatment has decreased from 12 tons to 1 ton per year! The treated water is now clear and meets all the eligibility criteria.

Our formulation meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency. We are happy to contribute to the optimization of processes and environment protection, which is also essential to our customer.

Treatment of aluminium loaded water
Treatment of aluminium loaded water