COVID-19, With all our solidarity and our encouragement

Dear clients, suppliers and partners,

The current situation in many countries is unprecedented and leads governments to take unprecedented measures. The closure of schools, non-essential businesses or even the restriction of travel will have an impact on our daily lives from a personal and professional point of view.

We are resolved to participate fully in the efforts requested by the public authorities with the aim of limiting the spread of Covid-19 and preserving everyone’s health. We also wish to contribute as much as possible to the maintenance of economic activity. We believe that the current crisis and the coming period must bring us, in our families and our teams, to the fundamental and essential human values ​​of resilience, compassion, mutual aid and cooperation.

Teleworking has been part of our company since our beginnings. All our Administrative, Commercial and Engineering teams benefit from all the working tools to work from home and thus ensure the continuity of the activity and your projects. This is how we will be able to use the coming weeks for the study of your projects for the treatment and recycling of your wastewater.

Due to our international organization between Europe and North America, our production and logistics capacities are presently limited. We will keep you informed in the upcoming days of the evolution of our schedules and actions.

Be assured of our mobilization and commitment.

With all our solidarity and encouragement.